Tyre Killer



  • AZ TK224 Tyre killer, also known as broken tyre device, the original intention of tyre killer is to prevent vehicles from escaping from toll stations.

  • The product can be operated by manual buttons and remote control.

  • Tyre killer can slow down vehicles and has puncture tire functions, it is the essential special facility to prevent vehicles passing.

  • Ensures the people’s life and propey Safety.

  • Tyre killer main framework is composed of A3 steel plate (shape similar like deceleration belt) and steel plate blade, adopts electronic-mechanical integrated control device.

  • It is an advanced device that intercepts unauthorized vehicles and terrorists, has easy to operate, reliable and safe advantages.

  • It always install with a xed bollard for large vehicle access and install with an automatic bollard to save budget.


Technical Specification AZTR224
Material A3 steel
Colours Yellow and Black (options available)
Device Length (intercept width) 3 m / 4 m / 5 m / 6 m / 7 m / 8 m
Intercept Parts Dimension L * 500 mm W * 63 mm H
Each Assembly Modular Length 1 metre
Height of Blade(mm) 55 (±5) mm
Thickness of Blade(mm) 10 (±1) mm
Spacing of Blade(mm) 140 (±10) mm
Control System Size(mm) 1360 x 360 x 708 mm (L*W*H)
Input Power 220 V 50 / 60 Hz
Liing Time(s) 1~2 s
Weight Capacity Static load 100 Tons, Through the load 200 Tons






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