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Entrance Automation

All About Automation and Technology Integrate your doors and gates to your home automation

Aluminium Rolling Shutter

Safer And Secure Characterized By High Quality, Reliable Technology, Stability And Security

Residential Garage Door

Crafted With Care Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal And Improve garage safety And Security

PVC High Speed Door

Speed Meets Performance Closures For Cold Rooms, Industrial, Logistical And Pharmaceutical Applications Giving Functional, Innovative, Versatile And Technologically Advanced Energy Efficient Solutions

Industrial Sectional Door

Doors With Attitude Offering Guaranteed Top-Quality Garage And Industrial Doors Are Always Made To Measure Meeting Top Quality And Operational Safety

Fire Rated Rolling Shutter

Securing Your Property Providing High Level Security For Your Business Premises Manufactured To The Highest Standards

Rectratable Gate

Quality in Motion Expandable, Retractable Driveway Gates For Wide Openings Suitable For Industries, Factories, Industrial Parks ….

Dock Leveler

Making Transition Smoother Designed For Your Most Demanding Dock Operations, Offering Exceptional Durability And Reliability

Dock Shelter

Technology Meeths Efficiency The Most Efficient And Durable Sealant For Your Loading Bays

Gate Hardware

A Gateway To Comfort Professional Grade Innovative And Functional Gate Hardware Components For Residential, Commercial And Industrial Projects

About Us

Autozon is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Entrance Automation Products. Our Products are designed with engineering excellence in such a way to deliver high end technologies to the users. Our products are enduring and sturdy enough to withstand all kind of tough weathers prevailing in the country. We highly focus on current and future automation technologies by updating our product development strategies time to time, to support the human race for a better and comfort life. We have all in-house facilities for manufacturing the products with assured delivery as per approved design. Our State-of-the-art R&D facility system helps to deliver the best of bests products & Services.

Entrance Automation

All About Automation

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Residential Sectional Garage Door & Shutter

Crafted with Care

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Industrial Door &

Doors with Attitude

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Loading Dock Equipment

Making Transition Smoother

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Gate Hardware

A Gateway to Comfort

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Industrial Entrance Automation Applications

  • 1. Sliding Gate
  • 2. Padestrian Gate
  • 3. Boom Barrier
  • 4. Loading Dock Equipment
    • Sectional Door
    • Dock Leveller
    • Dock Shelter
  • 5. Aluminum Pu Insulated Rolling Shutter
  • 6. GI Single Wall Rolling Shutter
  • 7. Fire Rated Rolling Shutter
  • 8. Glass Sliding Door
  • 9. Hanging Sliding Door
  • 10. Galvalume PU Insulated Rollling Shutter
  • 11. High Speed Door
  • 12. Swing Gate
  • 13. Swing Door
  • 14. Fast Pack Door
  • 15. Retractable Gate
  • 16. Bollards

Latest Products

Boom Barrier (AZBBL113)
Boom Barrier (AZBBL113)
Advertisement Boom Barrier
Advertisement Boom Barrier
Garage Door
Garage Door
Sectional Door Operator
Sectional Door Operator
Fire Rated Operator
Fire Rated Operator
Sliding Gate Operator
Sliding Gate Operator (AZSL 103I / AZSL 104I / AZSL 105I)
Indirect Drive Pro Italy Operator AC
Indirect Drive Pro Italy Operator AC

Product Applications

Cold Storage
Shopping Malls
Public Parking

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